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The Explanation of 7 Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Colon for Your Health

Many other benefits that could be obtained when you take the concept of "are being reunited to nature", every opportunity caring and maintaining health, in this case is preferred health colon with natural ways to cleanse your colon. This was because source of diseases come from colon you. Here will be called 7 Natural ways to cleanse your colon for your health:

1. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds is a natural ways to cleanse your colon, because you can add in bread cakes or making, pizza and others. Flaxseeds as antioxidants because high fiber such as lignan. In addition, because it is rich as the polyphenol theaflin. Relations flaxseeds consumption in addition to a antioxidants (among others to prevent cardiovascular disease) can also be useful to reduce body weight. You add flaxseeds in your food is very useful for those who have problems are obese, as burner fat in the body that can reduce body weight.

His relationship with natural ways to cleanse your colon, the fiber content that is in it can help restore bowel function well. Content of The bowel function Phytochemicals can increase, stabilising the hormone women, such as increasing fertility, reduce the signs of want to experience menopause, and able to overcome the breast cancer. Fiber content that was causing flaxseeds as a deterrent to constipation the cause inflammation colon.

2. Alfafa

Why alfafa is a natural colon cleanse? Because or by the experts that alfafa contains saponins, which serves to reduce cholesterol. In addition, alfafa work to reduce arteriosklerosis and accumulation in the intestines crust-crust the cause of the disease. Alfafa can help your diet, because it is rich fiber.

In addition, it can help your digestion so that function intestines to from optimal. Alfafa now available in the form of capsule, and there was a short guide on how to use it. In the same day recommended 1- 2 capsule, or as suggested dose.

3. Pappermint

How pappremint associated with natural ways to cleanse your colon? This is because pappermint, namely the menthol that is in cubeb oil, which functioned as and tranquilizers your intestines. Where if someone with symptoms bowel syndrome, it needs to focus intestines. As act as antioxidant, because it contains phytonutrient known as the monoterpene. So consumption pappermint as this act as antioxidant as colon cancer.

The cubeb is rich content of vitamin C and Vitamin A. . Based on research by the experts, the vitamin C and vitamin A problem colorectal cancer. Any research that says that vitamin C united with vitamin A related to reduce colon cancer, because plague-plague that is in colon can be issued that prevents the formation tumor cells. Carotenoids (which is in vitamin A has been shown to protect cells from carcinogen that can damage DNA, prevent colon formed cells too much so that prevent the tumor colon.

4. Watergrass and Spirulina

Watergrass and supplement can be food you, because it contains fiber that can accelerate the digestive system, including colon you. Besides that, it can overcome the problems of the occurrence of constipation and diarrhea caused by constipation that have been severed can be overcome.

5. Chickweed

Chickweed high fiber can overcome the problems constipation that is difficult to remove dirt or feces from colon. Furthermore, help overcome irritation in the digestive tract. In addition, chickweed excess weight help overcome if you want the body is an ideal. Thus chickweed as one of the natural colon cleanse.

6. Anise Seed

Anise western contain lots of antioxidant that can prevent a variety of diseases. furthermore, contains Anise western that contains vitamin C and vitamin A that are good for health colon.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera also as natural colon cleanse. Many natural food to clean up intestines, between aloe vera. Mineral content and vitamin in aloe vera, helping to cure digestive problems such as constipation. Consumption aloe vera for example in the form juice aloe vera or juice is dicamupr with other fruit, like apples, pineapple, or papaya. The drinking juice aloe vera, should when new waking up, want to sleep at night, or half an hour before lunch. Thus influence will be more effective in the body, because the body is not infiltrated by another food. Drink grape juice aloe vera, apart from helping digestion, the body will feel fresh, hair and skin.

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